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hey guys...
I can't stop worrying about what I have...I'm not sure if this is DP/DR anymore...I'm 16/f and I have this feeling I'll develop schizophrenia..but for real..
Months before I got that panik attake that got me DR/DP I watched a lot of conspiracy, mythic and philosophic videos - I was rlly interessted in it (I always was, but ....) Later on during winter I got kinda depressed because my life was so boring and I'm so alone... I smoked weed snd one day probably too much (a family member died and of course I was rlly shooked, but I don't know... Another time after I watched too much Twillight, I thought what if mind reading is possible and I can it if I want... Then I smoked a last time and was rlly dizzy and a bit derealized days before I got my panik attake.. since then I'm obsessed with stupid thoughts that I think only occur when you have a psychosis (e.g. maybe others can read my thoughts or what if I haven't changed but the others -very stupid..) Anyway since a week my vision suddenly changed and I see everything so da.n clear...and good... I nean these are all early signs of schizophrenia...aren't they?
God..I'm so scared nothing makes sence anymore and everything goes by so slow or fast without any sence...
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