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After my news this morning, and before I chuck down the Klon's, which I'm going to do, I must admit that brave, sarcastic, know-it-all-Martin is bricking himself. I don't want to go through this again....I still feel rough after the last session. I'm so tired. It's not so much the chemo, it's all the bed-ridden retching and self-loathing. Plus, it's putting a terrible emotional burden on my poor long suffering mother. On the plus side (no kidding - this is quoting the nurse: "We've got the name of your form now - following your plasma and platlet counts. It's called: Megakaryocytic leukaemia'. Great, so I've got a 'mega' form. So then I sprinted into cyber-space to find out that this form of M7 was 'Very Rare'.

For f**ks sake. :roll:

Sorry, end of misery. Anyway, I've just got a cold.
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