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This spray has 2.7mg THC and 2.5mg CBD which is nothing similar to the weed that results in DP.
The first time I smoked weed was a strain with little THC and I was never so happy in that moment.Only the High THC strain gave ended in DP.
I will ask my doctor if he can prescribe it.
Do you think it is a good idea?
I believe that low THC with the same CBD has good effects

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I think smokers think they are doing it for the effects, at least at first, but I think the real reason they keep doing it is the relaxant/painkiller properties - just like painkiller or benzo addiction.

I think that's the reason you felt so good the first time, but most weed these days is grown to be very hallucinogenic, unlike the milder types back in the day.

My understanding was that you can't really separate the hallucinogenic properties from the relaxation, as they both come from THC (happy to be corrected on this if anyone has more information).

So it may make you feel good in one way, if you can find a mild spray, but could always potentially upset your mental balance so I wouldn't advise it personally.
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