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today I feel sad, so sad....

I don't know what to do anymore (about meds)... I don't want a med who makes me anxious. Hell no. I just want to be happy and sleep in the night w/o sleep pills, because they make me so sad after. I dream so well, in my dreams, all is OK, I don't have DP/DR, but after in the day, I cry and feel asleep. Not good at all.

I will see my doc tomorrow. It stresses me. I want so much to be ME!

Then I wanted to ask for Anafranil, but if it creates breast cancer... my mother had breast cancer.... I don't want to! I am afraid now. :( :(

Sorry, had to tell. :oops:

Cynthia (in a bad bad shape) xxx

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I'm sad for you Cynthia :(

Just.....keep trying things. Maybe not today, or even tomorrow, but one of these days you will find something to set you free from this stuff.


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Thanks guys.

I feel hopeless, sad, angry, in total terror. I feel like there is no issue. And I am so depressed.

I want an issue. Some relief from the pain.

I feel alone too. Even with people.

I want to try something else. Now I am afraid of Paxil withdrawal.


I think I am gonna up a little my dose of anti-anxiety, because I wont make it through. I swear I am too much stressed by the future.

Cyn xxx

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i hear and and feel your pain Cynthia...

i feel the same way...

this morning i honestly thought today i would not make it through the day...

i honestly do not know how i have!

but somehow we get through the days...even through the most difficult times...

we will all get better somehow...

but we need to stay strong for that day...

take care...

thinking of you...

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Sorry to hear you are so sad Cynthia,I can understand why.
It's such a frustrating business this dp.
From what I can tell most people eventually find a treatment that helps.

Shadow I'm often surprised that I made it through another day,sometimes I'm actually dissapointed lol.
Oh to wake with joy and zest for life................where did I go?

All the best,Shelly

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I KNOW how it feels to feel completely alone even with people. ok? I've felt that thousands of times. THOUSANDS. You are NOT alone.

This is such a hard time for you. But I promise it will pass. Just keep hanging in there and doing what you can. The only thing you have control over is your reaction to all of this, as sad as that may be.

Hang in there Cynthia.

This too shall pass.
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