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I was watching a YouTube video by Thoughty2, with the title "RIF 100" . He said it was a fact that you could not see your eyes moving when you looked into the mirror, because your mind blanks out your vision as your eye changes focus due to something called saccadic masking.

I didn't know that. It got me to thinking. I remember describing a visual effect of my temporal lobe seizures as my vision being like a slide show, with longer periods of darkness between each picture slide. (Lengthened saccadic masking?) Following the seizures, I went through a period of what I termed derealization and I described my visual symptoms

as a loss of fluidity of visual motion. It was as if my vision had developed a stutter. There are 4 basic types of movements of the eye, which are called saccades. Neural circuitry manages these movements. I now wonder if the short circuiting of my visual neural circuitry

in conjunction with the epileptic discharges I experienced, wasn't responsible for my symptoms of derealization by affecting the neural circuitry of my saccadic movements. A google search of saccadic masking reveals posts of people who say they are disabled because

their masking is not operational. There seems to be more to the eye than meets the eye.
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