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S.A.D and dp/dr

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Is there any links between the 2?....i felt really down in the winter, no emotions no energy etc...not feeling i bought a SAD light, for me this worked,either that or it was placebo, but, DP is neva as bad for me in the summer or lighter months...

is there any sort of links between SAD and DP/DR...

(another question tho....some people find light makes there DP worse, so in essence a SAD light should make DP worse...)

anyone know anything of the 2

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yes there is definitely a connection. Depression can be cause by not enough sunlight. It just shows the serotonin connection. Ive read that sunlight in our eyes keeps serotonin from converting to melatonin(chemical we need for sleep). Thats why they suggest a person who has insomnia to sleep with the room completely dark(no tv or light whatsoever). If a person is in the dark too long this balance weighs heavier with the melatonin and a person becomes depressed and tired. Thats where the light therapy comes in. In my opinon dp/dr is nothing more that a product of an intolerable mental state. Its not an illness, just part of a healthy fof response. So if you put the two together, you can see the connection.

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