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Ritalin : did anyone ever got any help from mph (methylphenidate/ritalin)

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Dear Members,

I've been over 8 years, or so, member of this forum. I kinda gave up on pharmacological treatment in the last few years (after pretty much exhausting all options, I settled with 15 mg cymbalta, 300 mg lamotrigine, 0-4 mg xanax combo, with this combo I was able to work).

However, there is now some option, to look into MPH. It seems that I also have some full on adhd, maybe, recently diagnosed, more or less, now I am 40, so, maybe this was not diagnosed in my childhood, I might have been compensating for the adhd handicaps with some form of high IQ, so it was bit of a surprise to hear that I might have adhd, if I have 1.5 PhDs and 800 citations to my publications.

Anyway, bottom line:

I wonder, did ever anyone got any help from Ritalin ?

It might happen that I will give it a try. If so, I will post the results here.

We'll see. I'm wondering if there is any historical evidence that Ritalin might help for DP/DR ?

(I have it about 24/7 nowadays, intensity goes up and down... on scale 1-10 it is between 3 and 10, constantly, no matter if I have panic or not.)


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I was on ADDerall shortly after my symptoms hit hard during my college years. It did work in some respect, basically by allowing me to hyperfocus on my work which helped calm me down and got me through my days (it was no cure by any means, and over time it stopped working).

As an addendum, how do you have half of a PhD?
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