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Risperdal/Risperidone --> antipsychotic

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just started it... very low dose... 0.25 mg

anyone tried it? comments?

i will comment on how it goes for me. i'm also on paxil. been on it for 4 years now.
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Well I am sure she really wants you to get better, but that doesn't mean she is leading you in the right direction. Trust your instincts and don't let her run the whole show. She may be a wonderful person who is trying her very best to help you, but that doesn't mean she KNOWS what is best for you. Just concerned... :?
Well I am sure she really wants you to get better, but that doesn't mean she is leading you in the right direction. Trust your instincts and don't let her run the whole show. She may be a wonderful person who is trying her very best to help you, but that doesn't mean she KNOWS what is best for you. Just concerned...
that quote above from rainboteers, the NEW girl, is exactly how I feel about this whole situation. So you've got an oldie and a brand newbie making the same observations!

UniGirl, you are very smart and you have alot of knowledge on mental issues but that info is from a very LIMITED and specific camp. The "Field" of mental symptoms is so much more vast than your doctors represent. IT's like being overweight and having a team of doctors who all work for a Thyroid clinic = those docs try ALL kinds of treatment for you but ALL THOSE TREATMENTS are based on one thing: the idea that a malfunctioning thyroid is causing you to be overweight.

The Weight Loss industry is VAST compared to that limited and very very specific view. Roam. Explore outside the paradigm they've got you stuck in. I've said it before and I'll repeat: your doctors are very invested in seeing you as schizophrenic and they're blinded to other (much more likely) possibilities.

Hey guys:

There are a few of my symptoms which made my psych want to try antipsychotics.

When I first got sick, sometimes I would question whether or not I had said something or just thought it because when I did speak, it was like each word I said quickly disappeared from my conscience, as though I had never said it. This made me wonder if people could hear my thoughts but knew they couldn't. Also, my thoughts have gotten so much louder. This also led me to wonder if my thoughts could be heard. I know, it's weird. I never really believed my thoughts could be heard though. Also, about 10 days after smoking that last joint, I may have gone through a rather paranoid episode. I was dating a boy at the time that the older girls in the school wanted to date. I broke up with him because I believed they were going to beat me up for dating him. Whether or not this was true, I'm not sure to this day. I just know I felt very threatened by it and my social anxiety raged at this time. I have all of the other typical DP symptoms as you know as well as time lapses. I also have social withdrawal and am much more disorganized than I was before getting sick.

If risperdal can help me feel more motivated, more social, less confused, less overstimulated, less DP'd, less DR'd, less tired, less "drunk", then it's worth giving it a shot I believe. My frontal lobe shows slight shrinkage and one of my ventricles in my brain is slightly enlarged. I've been told this is typical of schizophrenics. Supposedly risperdal increases blood flow to the prefrontal cortex. Sounds like that would benefit me.

I, personally, am not convinced I suffer from a rare form of schizo though I can see where my psych is coming from with this. If I was a psych I would give antipsychotics a try for me as well but would also try lamotrigine.

How is the risperdal going for me? Not so well at all. Each time I increase it even a little I get jaw tension and confused thinking. If I back off on it those side effects go away. I can then up it again and not have the side effects return. This is a VERY slow process. I've been trying it for 6 months, SIX MONTHS now and am still on a very low dose. I am losing hope. I am on 1 mg as of today and need to be somewhere around 2 mg. Hmmm... so it will take me another half year to get to 2 mg? That really sucks. So I may end up waiting a year to find out it doesn't help me. Seems so wrong, doesn't it?
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It does seem wrong, but I hope it will help you. :?
Get off of it Uni. Really. I think you have something else going on with you, perhaps even quasi-hormonal or something. Maybe seek out a wholistic doctor, and then see a psychiatrist who is interested in treating DP/DR. Antipschyotics, when they arent needed, will damage neurons from blocking their signals. If anything, you give me the impression of someone who is fading....muddled thinking, fuzzy sense of self, tired. Sounds hormonal, or like depression to me, with some DP/DR thrown in. I'd check those two avenues out, slowly cut the Risperdal, and find a psych who accepts YOUR diagnosis. Then you might start getting traction. I hope your doing well! God Bless and

It's difficult upping the dose when not in a hospital setting. The benefit of being an inpatient is that they can monitor you 24/7 for side effects. The downside is that they tend to over-medicate.

One thing I wanted to comment on and I hope I don't offend you Uni girl or anyone else is that psych pay particular attention to your appearance when diagnosing. So if one day for example I was to shave my head and repeat to my doc that I was a practicing buddhist monk for example he would take that as a sign of my illness coming back as it presents bizarre behaviour outside my cultural beliefs. Did the psy comment on the tatooes on your face or have I mis-interpretated the picture of you?
those look more like drawn-on paint than tattoos to me.
The images on my face in my avatar are painted on. Imagine if it was a tatoo. I am aware that docs frequently look at appearance when trying to determine how one is feeling. It's happened to me before. I think my psych is pretty good with that though.

Well, I feel I have given risperdal a good try. I was up to 1 mg for one month but decreased my dose after having both jaw tension and problems thinking. These symptoms persisted the entire month at 1 mg. They have both improved since dropping the dose down to near nothing. Today I picked up my first perscription of seroquel. Here goes antipsychotic trial #2. I have started a new thread on this. Check it out. Again, I will keep updating it.
Coming back to the Risperdal theme?
My psych prescriped Risperdal for me today, but I really don?t wanna give it a try right now? (Scared to death, cause both Zoloft and Clono left me with side effects ? and I don?t wanna develop more of it?)
Here?s my question, and I would appreciate any answers ? do you know about anywone, whom Riperdal actually relly helped in case of DP?
I've seen at least one case where it helped, but in the vast majority of instances it either does nothing or makes matters worse.
Risperdal. :roll: I think this is often prescribed for patients when they do not need it. From an HPPD perspective, it definitely makes things much worse - especially the head pressure! Plus the side effects are bad enough that unless you are schizophrenic it usually is not worth it.
My Psyc told me to take it. I didnt' want to fuck around with anti-psychotics, but I went ahead anyway. I felt horrible, drowsy, couldn't focus. I finally shook off the feeling around noon the next day. I'd rather feel the DP than go through life feeling like that.
Check out the NODID site for upcoming results of the online survey. The results will show the usefulness of using antipsychotics for DPD.
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