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Risperdal/Risperidone --> antipsychotic

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just started it... very low dose... 0.25 mg

anyone tried it? comments?

i will comment on how it goes for me. i'm also on paxil. been on it for 4 years now.
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I'm on .5 mg. Helped me regain my appetite and regulated my sleep a bit. Risperidone with an ssri is supposed to increase the effect of the ssri. It has helped a bit with my thought pattern.
I've been on Risperdal for about a month and I havent had any problems with td or ta. It usually only happens in the elderly, and if you've been using the drug for a long period (years). So don't worry about it. If it's recognized early, the chance for any permanent damage is low.

This website tells you about risperdal and tardive dyskinesia.
I am always here to talk C. I know that you don't think you'll ever get better, but you will. Just keep telling yourself that this isn't going to last forever. I know it's hard, but I have faith in you.
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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