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Risperdal/Risperidone --> antipsychotic

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just started it... very low dose... 0.25 mg

anyone tried it? comments?

i will comment on how it goes for me. i'm also on paxil. been on it for 4 years now.
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Hi! I concluded that you possibly/probably don't appear to like me,

because once in a chat room on this website, you sent me a PM asking me about my comma usage, and then you asked me 'not very nicely' whether or not I never graduated high school because of how many I used, and said that I used them incorrectly!

'thankyou' again!' soooo much for being unpleasant,
like i'm sure you kindly realised, it helped me so much.


(I only have these few left)

Ok so now I've gained about 5 lb and it seems as though my social anxiety is actually worse. I feel more stupid too. As both Risperdal and Paxil act on serotonin, I wonder if the Risperdal is counteracting the Paxil. It is not known how Risperdal actually works
Although what you said to me, was so dreadfully hurtful at the time, (because of the way it like wrecked the' emotionz inside o' my heart) you also wrote this and I decided to reply anyway because 1. I feel like it, 2. i'm bored right now. and 3. I don't like Risperidone.
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Risperidone is a more recent, a-typical strong neuroleptic/anti-psychotic drug in the family up from Halperidol, (which was the next generation up from Thorazine) a drug nicknamed, & sometimes referred to (arguably post-lobotomy), by psychiatrists as a chemical lobotomy.

Risperidone works in the same way, in that it blunts the highest functions of the brain in the frontal lobes and the connected basal ganglia.

These class of drugs can impair (arguably alter) the reticular 'energising' system of your brain, during ingestion. Risperdal binds more to serotonin neurotransmitters in its action than other drugs in that family, but doesn't really have much relation to serotonin specifically.

It is not suprising to percieve that the effects of this, may alter the way you feel intellectually or emotionally.

The eletrical zaps, are usually the result of missing a dose, or withdrawing from paxil (it can last quite a while, depending on the invididual, and circumstances), where your brain is trying to readjust to its natural transmission of serotonin from its reliance of having been
downregulated by the drug.

OF course this isn't not to suggest that risperidone still isn't a seemingly bad mix, because it does have minor implications to serotonin (5hT etc.).

Problem might be also, that if this drug, causes new issues, they maybe defined as an underlying condition.

Don't forget that the label's for diagnoses here, schizophrenia maybe/maybe not etc. may also be theories put forward toward you, by an individual rather than something concrete, like a diagnosis of diabetes, or hypoglaecemia. Diabeties can't be argued a theory.

You mentioned that your jaw is feeling locked up, could this be the warning signs of 'tardive dsykinesia'?, which is an involuntary movement condition caused by neuroleptics, during prolonged ingestion (arguably more than a month or so),

which results in disfiguring grimaces, and unwanted movements, relating in some ways to parkinsonism because of the altered 'dopaminegenic' effects of this stuff.

"in any case you should have been warned/told about it when
you first began treatment."

Can you honestly say to yourself, that you would likely, be comfortable to stay on this stuff forever anyway? (sorry about the commas maybe i'm not intellectual your right).

Anyways, what I gain I can lose again
I am definately concerned about the weight issue as i just lost about 16 lb. AND, i have noticed a large increase in my hunger
These 2 statements contradict each other a little, is your weight losing or gaining? Risperidone can cause alterations in weight as a side effect. It can also effect your memory which may or not be evident/applicable to you in this instance.

If you feel like the 'normal/correct' you, is not how you feel because of this med, (loopy you said) isn't it wise to think twice about whether or not
it is helping or benefiting you?

Do you feel like you are benefiting in what you required treatment for in the first place?, is the first question you should ask yourself.

There is no evidence that this drug we are talking about has any beneficial effect on dp/dr in a classical sense at all, and what scares me is that dp/dr may sound so strange as a verbalisation to a 6 minute psychiatrist that they may just look up in their handbook and consider simply 'psychosis' as a possibility in their initial (partially
informationally open to you) assessment.

Which might not be so good, on the grounds of not wanting to take meds.
Ask them if paxil withdrawal exists... they might just tell you 'discontinuation syndrome'.

The 'zaps', are a sign that your brain is still able to return itself from the alteration from paxil back to its natural serotonin rhythm.

IF you have dp/dr, it is often related to heightened anxiety/agitation, sometimes medications can overcomplicate the problem, don't forget a psychiatrist works by giving out a prescription, (thats it really) for any symptoms which can be a pretty singleminded idea.

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