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Risperdal/Risperidone --> antipsychotic

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just started it... very low dose... 0.25 mg

anyone tried it? comments?

i will comment on how it goes for me. i'm also on paxil. been on it for 4 years now.
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I'm taking 1 mg Risperdal + a couple of other meds. It was prescibed for me for depersonalization, no psychotic symptoms or hallucinations here. For me it has brought relief and no side effects other than constant hunger, which I'll just have to Ziggomatix has a point there :?. Without this med I'm pretty much unable to function, but I still feel dp:d. I used to be very afraid of anti-psychotics but for me they've so far caused no harm.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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