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Returning to normal

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Recently my doctor recommended trying ST John's Wort.

After about 3 days I felt a bit of improvement. I don't know if this herbal stuff really helped or my DP is just fading by itself.
I can tell that DP is moving away from me very slowly, it feels like I am landing back in my me old me day by day. Everything seems new to me. Yesterday I was playing a game which I played a whole bunch of times before, and I got this feeling like I was playing it for the first time. The world seems different, it's like feeling normal and realizing that I was taking my normality for granted. I still get a lot flashbacks though, but now without panic attacks. The funny thing is the return of this normal state seems fake. What I felt while in DP state now seems to me that it was more real than what I feel now(when it was not at all), I have this feeling like I am missing out on something important in my life, because of my fear.

Maybe DP is what human beings should have in some point in our lifes?
I was never a religious person but this got me thinking...
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Depersonalized said:
I was never a religious person but this got me thinking...
Well try not to too much (that's how all too many of us got into this in the first place!).

And I think I'd stay with the SJW were I you (lucky bugger). Always best to err on the side of caution, afterall.

Keep us all posted. We always love recovery stories,afterall! ..............................LUCKY BUGGER!

Well seriously,try not to over analyze it. That can't be helpful.

And if it could be the St John's Wort, I'd never stop taking it (even if I didn't feel fully certain that was what was doing it). Because if you test it by going off it to see if the dp returns, who knows? Going back on the SJW might not make it go away again (at least that's how my body chemistry behaves).

So take care with this, because it's very delicate right now.

Pulling for you,

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