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Returning to normal

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Recently my doctor recommended trying ST John's Wort.

After about 3 days I felt a bit of improvement. I don't know if this herbal stuff really helped or my DP is just fading by itself.
I can tell that DP is moving away from me very slowly, it feels like I am landing back in my me old me day by day. Everything seems new to me. Yesterday I was playing a game which I played a whole bunch of times before, and I got this feeling like I was playing it for the first time. The world seems different, it's like feeling normal and realizing that I was taking my normality for granted. I still get a lot flashbacks though, but now without panic attacks. The funny thing is the return of this normal state seems fake. What I felt while in DP state now seems to me that it was more real than what I feel now(when it was not at all), I have this feeling like I am missing out on something important in my life, because of my fear.

Maybe DP is what human beings should have in some point in our lifes?
I was never a religious person but this got me thinking...
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I am not fully sure yet if it is a recovery or my mind is just accepting DP as a normal state.
Oh god why.... :roll:
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