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I would like to try another med, like anafranil AND lamictal in combinason with my little klonopin, since I have big headaches each day with Paxil dns it doesn't help much for DR.

I want to search med info on the supposed efficacity of clomipramineor Prozac for OCD related DP/DR, and Lamictal. I didn't find many papers. I want to show it to my doc.

Since I know that some people here are good for researches, I wonder if you can help me. I just found one researche and emailed to the King's college and they didn't answer me yet.

Can you help me?


Cynthia xxx :eek:

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The guys and gals at King's College are very very busy and take ages to get back to you. But I genuinely believe that they value information from us almost as much as we do from them - they took a while to get back to me but they cannot reply to personal enquiries because they get so many. They just sent me some information and a questionnaire and told me it would be possible to get referred through my mental health team. Chances are they will not reply in detail, to your enquiry.

Lamictal is Lamotrigine? If so, I do know that they have had some success with it, like 40% of people who trialed it had improvements but I think there are a few other people on this forum who know a bit more about it. Hopefully they will respond too.

I really hope you can find a drug that suits you, don't lose faith. Just remember, your recovery doesn't just depend on you finding the right drug, you can still make yourself feel better too! :wink:

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yeah.. dunno how much info i can give you.. i just sorta did net search's on google for info about lamictal.
currently im taking 50mg of lamictal and 45mg of mirtazipine... at this stage it's really too early to tell if im getting any benefitt.
ive been on the mirtazipine for well over 2 months, but ive only been on the lamictal for a week and a half. on wednesday i will increase my lamictal dose to 100mg and stay on that for 2 weeks, then increase again with a target dose of 250mg.
from what ive read, most people who received benefitt from combining lamictal with an ssri did so at around the 200mg dose.. so i spose ill just sitt tight untill i reach that dose range.
just a little more info i found.. i recall seeing people taking paxil and lamictal did receive benefitts on that combo, so maybe if your tolerating the paxil ok, maybe try just adding lamictal for a while and see how it goes, mirtazipine wasnt listed as anti-d that had been trialed with lamictal, but i have virtually no side effects from it, so im gonna try the mirtazipine/lamictal combo for a while.. if no joy, im then going to change the anti-d im on.. at this stage im not sure which one ill try, hopefully i wont have to.
anyway.. sorry the info here is a bitt jumbled.. ive just woken up from a midday nap and my brains still asleep, send me a pm and ill try help you found some info you can take along to your doc.
ooh and ive too emailed the dp research unit.. that was about 3 weeks ago and i havnt heard back, so dont get dissheartened if you dont hear back from them, they must be busy... thankfully they are taking the time to help us.
good luck

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I will check that...

For now I have headaches each day, it's hard... and I have insomnia. Does Lamictal helps insomnia???? Because at least Anafranil helps to sleep.

I would like Paxil + Lamictal OR Anafranil and Lamictal or Prozac + Lamictal.

thanks you can PM me anytime!

If others can help me you are welcome!!!

Cyn xxx

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I don't know how headaches and insomnia fit in, but here are a quote and its URL from the Institute of Psychiatry in London about combining Lamictal/lamotrigine with an SSRI (Prozac/Zoloft/Paxil/etc.)

Examining the efficacy of Lamotrigine in conjunction with an SSRI anti-depressant. Early results from this study show that for just over half of the participants (n=32) that lamotrigine combined with an SSRI proved to be of great or significant benefit in reducing the symptoms of DPD. We are now trying to establish any factors that may be predictive of those who will benefit in the future. ... ects.shtml



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Thanks Marjorie.

I am not sure about anything, because it's true I have insomnia and DR still there with Paxil, it just calms me but I am not there at all. So that is why I consider Clomipramine at low doses, but I am afraid of depression coming back big time.

I will check with my doc, but I am so confused about all that. All I want, as I always say, is to be better about DR - feeling of not being there - fear - 2D vision - confusion.


Cynthia xxx
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