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Research Published on DP based on your responses!

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Just a copy of the text I placed in the general support section:

For the help of all of those who participated, this web site is given a prominent acknowledgment in the new study to be published in Psychiatry Review Medical Journal

Daphne Simeon, David Stephen Kozin, Karina Segal, Brenna Lerch, Roxanne Dujour and Timo Giesbrecht, "De-constructing depersonalization: Further evidence for symptom clusters", Psychiatry Research, Volume 157, Issues 1-3, 15 January 2008, Pages 303-306

I should not be doing this, but for a few days I am going to give a link to the publication that many of you made possible:

As I no longer hold the copyright to this article, please use it for your personal use (I feel you deserve it for having helped with the project).

I will provide explanations to the article when it goes into print.

Essentially, it argues that DP/DR are clinically vague terms in current diagnostic books (DSM-IV, etc) and our research supports that there are different symptoms groups that fall into rather clear categories.

The readings is not exciting, but do look for the link to this web site and my thanks to all of you who participated as well. I told you it would take some time to publish the research in a significant journal (I think this has been 2.5 years since it started. However, I also told you it would be published.)

Best wishes,

David Stephen Kozin
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