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Repressing panic attacks?

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Hi. I have a question: does anyone have experience with suppressing/repressing panic attacks? Is that even a thing?

Now sime cintext: im in my late teens, and I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't have dissociation. It's only dr for me, no dp, and I never got the feeling that im looking at myself from third person and all that. The world is just... plain. Like, everything registers and I'm functioning normally, but nothing connects at all you know?

Pretty obviously i have anxiety. The thing is, i always had that common feeling of pressure inside me, and at the worst it got so heavy i felt ready to burst, but there was no release due to dissociation. Imo, that's the worst feeling in the world: the feeling that is there, but can't be released. But in recent years i started to get better, and now i sometimes get periods of time where i can feel things and the degree of dr decreases.

With some help from a friend i got to a point where i actually had a panic attack. And I felt so relieved after that. Now i manage to have panic (anxiety?) attacks again sometimes, but i still have to put conscious effort into just... letting the attack proceed? It's like i repress stuff on autopilot. Hence my questuion had anyone else had similar experiences?

Edit: accidentaly posted an unfinished draft, finished it now.
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Hi sugaraddict. It seems to me that you welcome the feelings coming out, even if that is in form of overwhelming experience such as panic attack. What I learned is that there is definitely a close connection between DPDR and feelings, as we often detach from feelings (but sometimes from other things too, such as memories, body sensations etc.), because we have no capacity to regulate them, often because they are very strong or conflicting. I suppose it is a good thing that you can feel something now, but I would always recommend that you work on that with a therapist, as they know how to create a safe space for your emotions to come out, but at the same time to give you techniques how to regulate them.
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