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This is a reminder for a petition on the internet. It started alsmost a year ago, had a good start, but it faded.

If you think it's total unfair there isn't any long term research, treatment and cure for this condition. And if you think you deserve a good life too?
Please SIGN THE PETITION for change and please share it in every relevant group and all the people you know who would sign it.
Sign the Petition

We only talk about our condition in closed groups, so NOTHING will ever change. Nobody knows our suffering.
If the general public is well informed about this condition, hopefully things begin to move.
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Ignored because too many just won't sign.
Yeah, doing nothing and only complaining in forums will help.
Yeah mail bombing, but isn't realistic with this community. 10.000 signatures should be if I see the amounts of people in several social media forums.
Yeah I saw it too (political leaders). But we must break the silence about this condition. It's real, it exists and it can't be denied. Doing nothing brings nothing ... I'm in this condition for almost 10 yrs and I see no positive changes ... only the same vicious circle with no progress.
I don't see the total community (all forums) to be able to do this action (mail bombing) at all bc of the dpdr ...
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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