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Remeron (mirtazapine) and sleepyness?

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I have taken Remeron, i.e. mirtazapine, 30 mg for depression now for about three years. I have become really annoyed by the sleepyness the med produces. If I don't have any lectures but still I should wake up quite early, cuz I have some school stuff to do at home - I sleep around the clock and wake up at 1 or 2 p.m. no matter what I had decided in the evening. I just can't get myself up in the morning, though I know I should. I'm pretty sure it is Remeron that makes me this sleepy, cuz when I forget to take the pill in the evening, I never have difficulties to get up early next morning. I really hate this. :x

If there's anyone who is on Remeron too - please tell me do you have the same problem with mornings? This really annoys me, as I feel being just lazy, though I'm aware this may happen just bc of the med.
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Not that i'm like, Mr. Med or anything, but i'm pretty gosh d-iddily-arn sure that any kind of side effects (ie. sleepiness) would wear off after the first couple of weeks.

I was on remeron for about a month once, and i also found that it made me extremely sleepy, but not so much as effexor did.

In any case, i really doubt it's the med.

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