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Relieved to realize I wasn’t alone

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Truth be told, i've never been on any forums before, but this one warmed my heart in some way. I've been dealing with DP- or at least that's what I've come to the conclusion of myself tonight, after almost six years(i'm 20 y/o) of dealing with the constant feeling of not being present, or even alive, feeling numb, unable to concentrate nor to grow or keep affection or even love for another human being, etc. you've all pretty much summed up how this thing feels like. I've been at a dozen doctors and psychiatrists about this, and none have figured out what it was, they've never understood. I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, been prescribed anti-depressives, sleeping pills and etc with no effect what so ever. Until now, where it took me an hour to google my way to this, which have taken the doctor 5 years, with no answer. For five years, I have been going around, feeling hopeless and thought i'd gone crazy or were about to be psychotic. Five years of not feeling present, not being able to connect properly with people ͏or to even understand the words that are being said at the dinner table at periods. For the first time in five years, tonight I felt hope. I didn't feel alone anymore, because finally I found a name for what's numbing all the senses in my body. And for the last year I've been on the verge of giving up, planning and driving myself crazy, feeling exhausted and tired of living a life I wasn't even present enough to live.
Tonight; you, this site and google gave me hope that i'll be able to feel alive and connected to my own life. Please, let's raise awareness to this, because no one deserves to feel hopeless and alone with this shit (nor any other thing for that matter.)
I found an answer for what was breaking me inside out, and that alone gave me motivation to fight for myself. Thank you!!
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Yeah it really feels so good just to know that there's a whole community here
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