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Releasing DP/DR, and fear and anxiety.

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I'm currently using this program called The Sedona Method. What it does is it helps you "release" any unwanted feelings and thoughts, basically rendering you immune to negativty. It's really helping alot of my DP, which has cleared up about 70% if not more. Mind you I'm also taking an anti-psychotic (Zyprexa), but I think this program is what is doing the trick for me. If any of you wanna check it out, they have free demo cd's available at their site (

In case anyone interjects I'm in no way shape or form related to this site or program, I'm merely using it for my own self-betterment and it's working wonders.
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It's basically a technique using language to empty out the subconscious mind of fears and limitations. A sample would go like this: Focus on the NOW moment and bring to mind a problem that you've been struggling for a while. Be mindful of what feelings arise. Then ask yourself these questions: could I let this feeling go? .... then Would I ? ... when?

repeat as necessary for any problems. our thinking patterns are tied in by feeling patterns.
this releasing stuff is helping tremedously. i'm sure when you go to church a part of it is releasing your feelings. this program is about releasing your stress and anxiety which help increase dp./
no problem, i figured you were a christian. anyway i changed my signature to something more upbeat
so, nobody is curious at all about this program? pretty suprising. it's really helping me a great deal and i wish to try and help others cope. there's a free cd on the site for anyone who wants to check it. :roll:
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