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hi all,

just wondering how dp is affecting personal relationships and if partners and friends are finding it difficult. I am worried my relationship is falling apart. My sex drive has almost disappeared. Dp makes it feel weird. It's even difficult to speak to my boyfriend anymore as i feel i'm always whining about my problem and trying to get him to understand. He seems to be becoming more distant. Any views?
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totally feel for you tori, relationship are extremely difficult with dp, its hard to show love,communicate and all the bed room antics, expecially when your stuck analazing everything. takes the fun out of it all doesnt it :?:
pdr......same here......doesnt matter if i was humped every god damm day it still wouldnt be enough for my bf.......but as u say gives a better atmosphere if he doesnt have ball ache.LOL :D
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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