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hi all,

just wondering how dp is affecting personal relationships and if partners and friends are finding it difficult. I am worried my relationship is falling apart. My sex drive has almost disappeared. Dp makes it feel weird. It's even difficult to speak to my boyfriend anymore as i feel i'm always whining about my problem and trying to get him to understand. He seems to be becoming more distant. Any views?
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i'm going to get a rescue dog.
b/f's only known me with varying states of dp, though much of the time has been minimal, so it's not like i've changed!
whatever the sexdrive b/f always complains for more. thought he should have grown out of this obsession by now. i mean, sometimes when i don't want it i give in to please him. doesn't fix things; the more he gets the more he wants. not sure if this is a dp problem. from my corner at times can't face sex, other times it helps distract from dp. making sure b/f gets some makes for a nice atmosphere :)
an unconditional dog will be perfect
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