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hi all,

just wondering how dp is affecting personal relationships and if partners and friends are finding it difficult. I am worried my relationship is falling apart. My sex drive has almost disappeared. Dp makes it feel weird. It's even difficult to speak to my boyfriend anymore as i feel i'm always whining about my problem and trying to get him to understand. He seems to be becoming more distant. Any views?
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Yes... my sex drive is practically nonexistant. My bf complains about it constantly which stresses me out and pisses me off and makes me not wanna do anything even more. DP definitely makes my relationship... all my relationships weird. I feel distant all the time. And I look back on past relationships like wow was that really me with that guy? One guy in particular... I was really, really close to him for 3 years and now it's like who is he?
And I seem to seek out men who have issues... Usually their issues include an anger problem and depression.

My bf is suicidal... so am I kinda. See I'm too scared to do it, but he isn't. So how does one suicidal talk another out of it? The only thing I can say to him is what keeps me alive... "How do you know where we go when we die?" "What if we go to an even worse place?".... And I tell him how he's smart and can accomplish anything he wants, but of course he doesn't believe me.

He doesn't understand me at all. He knows about my DP and yet he's surprised when I seem distant. He gets mad cuz I'm all down and when he asks whats wrong I say I don't know. He says I'm not affectionate enough, he doesn't feel loved by me. I don't know what to do. I do love him but I can't just put on a happy face and be a normal girlfriend... I wish I could.

Sorry don't know where I was going with this.
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