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hi all,

just wondering how dp is affecting personal relationships and if partners and friends are finding it difficult. I am worried my relationship is falling apart. My sex drive has almost disappeared. Dp makes it feel weird. It's even difficult to speak to my boyfriend anymore as i feel i'm always whining about my problem and trying to get him to understand. He seems to be becoming more distant. Any views?
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Love your avatar...very pretty. Just wanted to say a few bits... My sex drive is very low :oops:. Also, i have quite a hard time with relationships. It seems as though there are many people i can talk to about my problems but when it boils down to it, there's no one I WANT to talk to about it. I've come to realize we are completely alone in this world...that's why I really want a dog. :wink: Can't talk to mom, sresses her out and don't want to bring down friends. I could see a therapist but can't afford it... geez. Being able to talk to someone who is paid to listen to you would be great. Hope you can afford it. So, I try not to talk about my probs around others unless they can tell I feel like shit. When this is the case I just say 'same old stuff' to them. In some ways I prefer to avoid talking about my problems with friends cause it's nice to (try) to forget about them for a while.

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