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hi all,

just wondering how dp is affecting personal relationships and if partners and friends are finding it difficult. I am worried my relationship is falling apart. My sex drive has almost disappeared. Dp makes it feel weird. It's even difficult to speak to my boyfriend anymore as i feel i'm always whining about my problem and trying to get him to understand. He seems to be becoming more distant. Any views?
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You could be experiencing a self-fulfilling prophecy. You worry that DP/DR will mess up your relationship, then you talk about it with your boyfriend, then you become distant as to keep from being a burden or to keep from being the one to ruin the relationship (you would rather blame it on the DP/DR)...then your boyfriend becomes distant.

The Dp/Dr doesn't ruin the relationship, you do. Try loving your boyfriend as much as possible, and also letting him know when you want him to love/support/do something for you. You can still love even if you can't feel/enjoy it, and it will come back.
Also, instead of talking about your DP with him, focus on HIM instead. It will get your mind off of it. Obviously you care about your boyfriend, otherwise you wouldn't be posting this. So, SHOW you care. Listen to him talk about his day, etc. It will get you out of your head.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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