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Have you ever had an affair with a DPer?
Yes, and the sex was great, as was the affair14.76%
Yes, the affair was great, but the sex was so so00.00%
Yes, and the sex sucked and it all went to hell14.76%
No, I would never even think of it.1047.62%
Get off the comptuer and get a fucking life942.86%

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Have any of you had a relationship with a fellow DPer? Or maybe not even a relationship. One night stands count too. Just curious to see if anyone has and what their experiences were like.

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Pure Narcotic,

What would you have voted? BTW, are you feeling just a tad sexually frustrated? LOL :wink:

I voted for 'Get a life! '! :lol: I would've voted 'No, but the thought of being with another Dp'er wouldn't bother me', but you didn't put that option in...
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