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I'm sure there are those here more clever than I that have probably already figured this out but I thought I just share a thought.

Until today, I thought my derealization and depersonalization/dissociation were just two different consequences of the same trauma. At first when I tried to explain to the psychiatrists my predicament, I split my explanation into two pieces: I had a second self or old self that I wanted to come back (dissociation), and my modeling of the world was impaired (derealization). I was diagnosed as psychotic after giving these comments (typical response isn't it?)

Anyway now I think both symptoms are caused by the same thing: the brain is protecting the ego from all input generally, including those inputs that tell us about our internal state. Interference with our perceptions is happening very close to the ego rather than in those parts of the brain responsible for early processing of sense data.

I'm sure there's something out there already written about this but I just need to try and get reconnected to the world and speculation/writing helps.
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