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Hey everyone ive been gere before and decided to make my first post. I origi ally got this from weed when i was 16 and had it for roughly 6-8 months and got over slowly i managed to get over it and was enjoying life somewhat. Now me being the fucking idiot i am decided to take weed again from when i was 21, my friend kept pressuring me to try edibles and i was dru k so i took em.Usually i dont even smoke that much weed since im cautious i really didnt want to have to go through this again but unfortunantly i ended up having a brutal panic attack. it was around feburary and i still have it. Im starting to lose hope and im considering killing myself, i dont see the point anymore i used to have so many hopes and dreams and now i have nothing. I can barley draw when it gets bad i just lay down and rot. It was getting okay for a bit but then i got sick and had to ween off my meds becausd they were making me feel worse. i drank a bit and that also made me feel bad so i stopped altogether. I decided to listen to everyones advice workout, socialize, eat healthy, take vitamins but it didnt do much. I'm not sure if it will take the same time as when i was 16, because it took 6-8months for it to be bearable but im worried i fucked myself over and im gonna deal with this for a long time and if i do ill gladly end my life no way im living like this for a year.Im also slowly starting to hit another low like i did last april which i couldnt even get out of the bed for a month. Ah well all it takes is one night to ruin your life funny how that works but i dont mind paying for my stupidity with my own life. I dont expect anyone to read this but thanks. Also sorry for the length o didnt expect to type this much.
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I'm battling DP for the second time as well, and I've almost recovered at this point. Trust me, it will go away. It is not permanent. Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem, and this is a TEMPORARY problem. It may take a few months, but that pales in comparison to the years of your life you still have yet to live.

One of the strategies I used to beat this thing was my horrible vision. That sounds weird, but I found it very grounding. Bad vision is hereditary in my case. If I started having panicky feelings, sometimes I would just take my glasses off for a while. I realize this won't work for a lot of people. The point is, I found something to keep me from losing my identity as a human being. I know you can do the same. Good luck!
Wow can’t believe on July 26 I claimed that my DP was “almost gone”. Talk about denial.
Hasnt got better got worse. I too anafranil and clonazepam but that made me feel worse i feel so shitty right now i cant draw or do anything i like. I almost feel like im wasting life i cant enjoy or do anything hanging out with friends doesnt feel as good. Ill probably kill myself, at this point i dont care, why live when life isnt good we were born with choice so i dont see anything wrong with ending your life. I only plan on living till august. If it doesnt get better than august ill go jump off somewhere doesnt matter. Symptoms are getting worse too i may be dealing with benzo withdrawal too but idk trying supplements but they dont work i spent ao much money on this shit and it did fuck all. Im pissed fuck this, fuck weed and fuck my stupid life if only guns were legal in canada id already have a bullet in my brain fuck
Do NOT do this. Please. I got mine from weed too and trust me you will improve even if it doesn't feel like it. I've been in a DP hell for months and I've fought my way through. You will too. It will take time. But you will get there eventually.
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