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Hey everyone ive been gere before and decided to make my first post. I origi ally got this from weed when i was 16 and had it for roughly 6-8 months and got over slowly i managed to get over it and was enjoying life somewhat. Now me being the fucking idiot i am decided to take weed again from when i was 21, my friend kept pressuring me to try edibles and i was dru k so i took em.Usually i dont even smoke that much weed since im cautious i really didnt want to have to go through this again but unfortunantly i ended up having a brutal panic attack. it was around feburary and i still have it. Im starting to lose hope and im considering killing myself, i dont see the point anymore i used to have so many hopes and dreams and now i have nothing. I can barley draw when it gets bad i just lay down and rot. It was getting okay for a bit but then i got sick and had to ween off my meds becausd they were making me feel worse. i drank a bit and that also made me feel bad so i stopped altogether. I decided to listen to everyones advice workout, socialize, eat healthy, take vitamins but it didnt do much. I'm not sure if it will take the same time as when i was 16, because it took 6-8months for it to be bearable but im worried i fucked myself over and im gonna deal with this for a long time and if i do ill gladly end my life no way im living like this for a year.Im also slowly starting to hit another low like i did last april which i couldnt even get out of the bed for a month. Ah well all it takes is one night to ruin your life funny how that works but i dont mind paying for my stupidity with my own life. I dont expect anyone to read this but thanks. Also sorry for the length o didnt expect to type this much.
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I am taking my turn to reply to all Introducing.

This advice is gonna be brief, only because you've beat this thing before, you are just older and it's more intense, how age becomes with more responsibilities.

SO yeah, you beat it once, it's just another Stone in the road. Vitamins aren't gold, anyone who thinks they beat this by putting into their body what they already have, well, nonsense in general. You get better by helping your brain, some that takes some exercise, health eating, some vitamins, but time is a factor for sure.

I am no doctor, so don't take my advice as so. But get rid of depression and anxiety and you will be a long way there, how to do that is up to you, many google searches will tell you that, sometimes it takes a doctor... for DP that is actually what i'd recommend but up to you.

The second thing is you've had 2 strikes. It's a learning lesson, when you get out and you will, admit that drugs are not for you, life is too important
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