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Due to recent problems in my life, I've decided to try something new - reinforcing positive thoughts. There are many ways that you can do this and that's why, I think, this is a really cool idea for anyone suffering from intense negative thoughts. Let's use an example to really understand what I mean.

Negative Thought: There's poison in this hamburger! The waitress definitely put poison in here.
Positive Reinforcement: That doesn't make any sense. The waitress has no quarrels with me and when was the last time anyone resorted to poisoning people in a public restaurant? Never.

By allowing ourselves to have the negative thought, we are leaving ourselves open to put positivity behind it and silence it with realistic evidence. This doesn't just need to work for negative thoughts stemming from Depersonalization/Derealization, it can work with plenty of other thoughts too. Maybe you think you're going to fail your midterm in school - but, you studied hard and you're putting in 100% effort. Statistically, you're not going to fail, you're probably going to pass with flying colors.

This is a really positive exercise that can benefit a lot of people with a lot of different negative thoughts. So, the next time that you're having a negative thought, think realistically about it and then back your realism up with positive evidence refuting your negative thought. In the chance that you're giving evidence to the negative thoughts, quickly repeat your positive evidence and shoot that opposing "evidence" down.

You'll find that the positive evidence is a lot harder to refute.
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