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Regaining back your old personality.

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I was wondering if anyone has discussed this topic with their shrink, about regaining back the way you used to be. See, I think we DP people need to figure a few things out for ourselves. Things like, what is it that I really want to do at this point in life. Do I want to return to the way that I previously was in life? Do I simply want to get rid of my dissassociation/ start acting like a normal person? Do I want to continue living in my DP hell without any for of recovering/dealing with the current state of things? Do I want seek help through shrinks, hypnosis, books, medicine, etc?

I think it's very important to establish what you want, because otherwise there is now sure way of getting it if you don't know what you want.

Has anyone talked to their shrink at all about trying to regain to/ return to their previous personality? Is this even possible? Perhaps our old way of being is stored somewhere in our subconscious and we can somehow restore it? Has this even been mentioned by anyone here?
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I don't think we can ever get back to the person we were before. Our experiences shape who we are and who we become. I know that I will get through this and be well again (at least I try to know it), but I also realize I will never forget this hell. I am hopeful that it will make me a BETTER person but oviously not the SAME person. I don't ever want to stay the same anyways. I want to keep evolving and improving. At least that is how I feel on a decent day... other days I don't care if I am a better person I just want to feel better now!
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