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Great- hopefully you get the same results with this rinse too. Btw- I have a deviated septum too- also to the left. And I dunno about what part anxiety may play in your DP but it seems to me that if you could get rid of it completely with a sinus rinse that would mean anxiety or no anxiety it's possible you won't be able to have DP symptoms without sinus problems. Hopefully that's the case. I know when I get my ear full of wax it drives me completely nuts- btw how did you take out the ear wax, you never mentioned that ?

For sinus surgery- better do a baloon sinoplasty- no knives involved:

I'll have to see what medication I can try too.
You really think such an intense experience as DP/DR could be caused by SINUS problems?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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