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Yesterday, I was pretty depressed. I hadn't seen a shift in my DP for a few weeks. Usually, before, my DP would clear up little by little over the course of the weeks. It actually had a set back and got a bit worse. My vision got more distorted, more flat looking, my DP and dissociation from my body got worse, etc etc. Usually, I mostly had visual disturbances, things looked blurry, felt like I was in a dream, and I had this terrible brain fog. Now, my body felt weightless, like it wasn't even there at all.

So, yesterday, I was in a pretty dark spot. I was very depressed.

Then, my DP and DR both virtually went away for a beautiful hour. Completely gone! Then, I went to bed, and I woke up to find that it got so much better overnight. I still have it, and, my vision isn't 100% clear and the DP is here, but, it became so much tolerable. Don't get me wrong, it's still here and annoying me, but, I did a happy dance because it's so much better than it was yesterday. It almost feels like this was a blessing. I was starting to feel I had stopped making progress and I became so depressed and mad at the world.

Then, I did something that somehow managed to help me so much. I cleaned out my ear wax very diligently, and, there was a lot of it. Then, I did a sinus rinse with a saline solution, and, I went up into my nose (gross, I know :p) to find that there were so many dry boogers clogging up the very top part of my nose, so, I took the liberty of cleaning out my nose and even had a bit of wasabi to unclog whatever else might have been clogging it. Lets just say I spent some time cleaning out my ears / nose.

Then, after all that was done, the most miraculous thing happened. My DP literally went away for a blessed hour. Vision was like it was before DP, and, my body felt heavy again and real! Part of my problem with DP lately has been that my body doesn't feel solid enough, like it's full of air or something. But, my vision cleared up, my body regained the heaviness I missed, I could see SO clearly and I felt connected to my body and reality again and I was laying there thinking "Thank you God, thank you, thank you!"

And, by the way, no, I'm not confusing DP for severe sinus problems. Four months ago, when I got DP, my vision was completely 2D and a complete blur and I felt like a robot. I did nasal rinses every day and took natural allergy meds but it didn't phase my DP at all.

But, when I did all that last night, I literally felt a shift in consciousness right before my eyes. Usually, I go to sleep and wake up to find my DP gets slightly better / worse. This was like someone unfogged my brain, took pressure out of my eyes, realigned my vision and made everything look less 2D and more 3D, etc etc. I was even able to recall memories again! This was one of my problems, too -- it felt like I forgot the past because my brain had trouble recalling memories. Also, the blur in my eyes stopped being so bad, and, my body felt mine again! My anxiety also went away for that one hour, and, my anxiety hasn't come back today... yet. I don't feel anxious at all and anxiety was my #1 problem. I'd wake up with anxiety and spend the whole day with anxiety. I have a nervous system dysfunction and an illness that affects the autonomic nervous system, so, relaxing while DPed has not been easy for me. But my anxiety sort of took a hike for an hour last night before bed and it hasn't come back today and I've been awake for four hours now.

All because I cleaned my ears and nose?!

I am going to do everything I did last night every day now to see if it'll work. I think the vitamin water is also a good idea. I'm going to be making vitamin water every day and use coconut oil in my food. I used to just take fish oil capsules but now I'm going to start doing coconut oil on top of it to see if it helps.

Edited: I listed a bunch of steps that I thought could have contributed to my reality shift, and, I did another experiment and concluded it was the sinus rinse and none of the other healthy things I did that day.
I have been dealing with DR/DP for about a month now, it’s not always strong and it’s not always mild, usually not too strong tho. I have a deviated septum and also believe I have a partially broke nose along with the deviated septum. I was kneeled right in the nose by my little cousin about 5 years ago and never got it treated or fixed, right afterwards about a month down the road I began having headaches, migraines, ocular migraines, fatigue, breathing issues, mouth breathing, etc. a few weeks ago 5 years later I was messing with my nose and looking down at a screen when I had a panic attack and developed DR/DP for the last month. I seriously think it’s a warning from my brain that I need to get my sinus/nose fixed. I’m not getting enough oxygen flow to my brain and it’s like it’s my brains natural way of telling me I need to fix these problems.
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