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Recurring dpdr

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I️ don’t get it. I️ had dr for over a year like 5 or 6 years ago. I️ still worked and did stuff but it didn’t go away. When it did I️ had a good 5 years without it and then this past March it came back for about 3 weeks to a month and during that time I️ did nothing at all. Iv had it for almost 3 weeks again. I️ don’t get the time line of this and if I️ kept busy the first time why did it stay so long and when I️ did nothing but worry the second time it went away ? I’m more scared than ever this time that it won’t go away. I️ don’t know what made me better. I️ did start paxil a little over 2 weeks ago
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I️ had all those tests done the first time this happened. These past two times it’s happened when I got off paxil but Iv been back on for a few weeks and still don’t feel better.
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