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Hello guys I'm new to this forum. Just wanted to talk about my story and recovery.For anyone still suffering from this horrid nightmare I'm so truly sorry it can be tough.But it does get better,you just have to have faith it will pass!!!

My story start 6 months ago I'm pretty sure mine is pretty similar for anyone who had weed induced dp/dr.well it all started one night at my gf's house we were hanging out having a good usually an occasional weed user don't really use it to often,only in social gatherings etc.Anyways later that night we decided to go smoke with her sis and bf.everything was fine took couple hits off a weed pen,which really got me high in the first place.But then got offered a weed laced chocolate.something told me not to take it.I was very hesitant,always remember to follow your gut!!!I still ate it.terrible mistake.Within a hr I had a massive panic attack.It was horrible never expirence one in my life.I felt like I was gonna pass out or run outside on the street like gf had to calm me down cause I was unstable and too anxious.Soon I drank Nyquil to help me fall asleep which it morning woke feeling groggy and tired still managed to work everything was forward three days later,I ve just got out of work went to my gf's house to stay the night.within a hr I suffered my second huge panic attack, just like the one that I had with the weed one.but this one was far worse that when the dp/Dr kicked in I felt out of my body like if I wasn't there.this panic attack lasted for almost 2 hrs. It was the most terrifying night of my life!!!From there everything went downhill.For the next 2 weeks was hell everyday feeling anxious my anxiety was of the roof I couldn't sit,eat,sleep it was constant battle.but the worst was the dp/Dr state that I was in, I didn't know what to do everyday felt foggy like if I was in a dream.It was scary just to wake up every morning and go though with.I was a wreck.within 2 months my anxiety started to calm down but dp/Dr was still there and very annoying.sometimes i would just sit with my eyes closed cause it would feel better.enough was enough I decide to go to the psychiatrist to get help. She confirmed dp/dr with ocd and gad and offered a med route which I was very hesitant cause I despise taking meds. So I declined and tried natural supplements and eating healthy.Also I cut off coffee and alchol.which seemed to help but my dp/dr was still there. After awhile I gave up my dp/Dr was still bad.I soon went to the psychiatrist again and decided to go with the meds which zyprexa 2.5 and zoloft 25mg.still was very hesitant because of all the side effects it offers.But I'm glad that I gave it a shot!!!

This is the recovery progress. While on this forum I came across post from john77 which gave me hope because he was on the same med route that I was in.Now I'm not saying meds is the best route to go too,but it sure as hell worked for me!!! It was a slow process but I'm glad I stuck it through. The zyprexa pulled out the state that I was really quick.i would only take it night due to people gaining weight on the drug. It took 2 weeks for the drug to help or noticed a difference I felt more relaxed helped me fall asleep.As for the zoloft it did take a couple weeks to work but I was still currently on zoloft and been helping been feeling happy latley.As For the zyprexa I stopped.

Well this is my story if you guys have any questions feel free to ask thanks for reading.i hope one day you will get out of this too and live too tell it. I always said if I get better I would come back write and try to help. Best wishes

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Oct 11 2018 02:55 PM

im so happy for you! I am also recovering with Zoloft, I think patience, positivity and staying busy allowed me to recover.

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Dec 28 2018 05:11 PM

Your story sounds similar to mine- my yearlong bout with DPDR all kicked off with an edible. I honestly don't think I'll touch weed again, it's just not worth it. I never really enjoyed it anyway, it was just the normal thing to do.

Awesome that you've found a medication that worked. My psychiatrist tried me on a few things that all made my panic worse or gave me really nasty side effects. Eventually I found a nurse practitioner who gave me low dose seroquel for sleep (in place of klonopin) and a TON of supplements based on the results of my blood test, which said I'm a severe undermethylator. It sounds like you're doing great, but if you ever wanted to retry to supplementation route, I recommend someone who's knowledgeable about methylation disorders.
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