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So I am currently going though depersonalization, but in the past I have suffered derealazation and I recovered 100 percent so here is my story to give you hope. I promise you it DOES pass.

A few years ago I was on a night out and on my way home a man decided to attack me and tried to force me into his car, thank god a taxi driver came to my rescue otherwise god only knows what could of happened. I went through PTSD and I became paranoid that his man would come back and try and attack me. I could not sleep without worrying if the man could find where I lived and got me. It was a horrible experience.

A few days later I felt unreal, very hard to describe but I felt like I was fake, my body was fake, everything around was fake...I would obsess about the world and pinch myself constantly because I pretty much felt dead, like my body was walking around but my soul was somewhere else, total disconnection. I would obsess how objects where fake and when I closed my eyes it was not there. It was horrible. I had never suffered mental health issues at that point so I had no idea what was happening to me, I was sooooo scared to see a Dr incase I had gone crazy so I suffered in silence for months and months until one day I went on google and all my symptoms kept coming up with the same thing...derealazation it stayed for months and months, then it would go, then it would come back, then come back again, then go and then one day it just went, I woke up and was normal, like everything was so normal and it stayed that way for years.

It did come back now and then but I am not scared of it at all. It does eventually go, hang in there.
I hope this brings you hope.
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