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Hello. I would like to make this thread for all the ones suffering with DP/DR who are also being tormented with existential thoughts. The feelings of hopelessness. The deep depression that DP/DR brings along with high anxiety. I would like for this thread to be Recovery stories. Giving people a peace of mind that once you are recovered everything goes back to normal. Your emotions, Your feelings, your thoughts. Really express how normal your life becomes again because in times of DP/DR everything feels changed and nothing makes sense. Those of you who are recovered and tend to come back around from time to time please share your life now versus when you had DP/DR. Tell stories of what exactly you were dealing with. Thoughts that haunted you. There’s advice all over the forum but it’s very mixed up. Shed a little light for those who are struggling. Let everyone know how your life has changed since DP/DR. For some they are tormented by solipsism, existential thoughts about earth, the universe, God etc. let this thread by one where most can find the support they need. Please no negativity. Please Recovered people only. This would be very beneficial to have stories of just recovered people. Thank you.
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