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I first got DP/DR in 2015 and I've been dealing with the existential stuff ever since. Whilst I don't have physical symptoms anymore (unless I'm really anxious) I still get get anxious about existential thoughts. I know everyone gets them and that it's normal, but most people can just brush them off and think they're just a silly passing thought. I feel like I've been overthinking all this existential stuff too much an for that's its too late for me to ever be able to just brush them off. I've seen people recover who said that they don't worry about that stuff anymore and when they do get those thoughts they're able to just laugh about how ridiculous they are, and I want to to be able to do that but I can't help but have boggling doubts that the world is fake, I am fake, everything is a dream etc and I feel like I'll never be sure everything is real.

Basically, how do I start believing the world is real again, and how can I make myself believe these thoughts are ridiculous?
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