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Hello. I just want tao share my dp experience which started out of nowhere suddenlyl when i went to skiing resort. While i was walking around, itwas as if my brain felt a sensation or experience of being disoriented and unreal and my brain decided to stay on that condition. I couldnt control it or figure my way out of it coz i also couldnt think.

It happened to me too when i was 18yrs old. I was dieting then, not eating much carbs and when my dp happened again 6 weeks ago, i was also trying to diet. My diet was trying to eat in very small portions from morning til evening 1 cup of rice in total. I would eat a full dinner. Days before my dp started, i was also heavily walking around 4 to 5 hours a day.

When my dp started, i stopped all dieting because i figured it cannot be coincidence that both my dp experience happened while i was dieting. I sweared off dieting and began eating normally ' moderate amounts of breakfast, lunch and dinner, consisting of 20 to 30grams clean carbs from rice every meal and 30 grams protein from steamed fish protein once a day and made sure that i dont sleep hungry. Id eat at least 10grams carbs worth of rice before bedtime if im feeling hypo.

Overall, the first 4 weeks saw some improvements after sticking to a sound diet. At least i could remember back details of my past and just had that feeling of unreality and unclear thinking hovering me.

About 2 weeks ago, I felt that my recovery is slow so i decided maybe i needed to do more like adding extra virgin californian olive oil around 1 to 2 tbsp per day. i could feel it helped immediately. But i was still not satisfied with my recovery. So 1 week ago, i decided il include more vegetables coz i dont eat veggies. i consumed 1 package or 340 grams of spinach which i boiled in miso soup for a span of 4 days. Eversince i did that, i actually saw a big leap in my recovery. I began to remember more of my past and made more sense of my life. I could enter more deep thought becuse before my thoughts and memories felt unreal to me. I could converse with relatives and friends and feel like it was the good old days.

DP is really terrifying. It made my feel my life was over and that i am messed up. But i just held on to my memories, pictures of my loved ones, memories of my just deceased mother and entered into some sort of meditation daily where i tried to make sense of my life. I figured that if one is stressed out, our mind can forget our past that is important to us. i tried to remember what it was like to live as a child, as a teenager, as an young adult.

Most importantly, I tried to stick to a clean diet of no fried foods, no fries, no baked dishes. I just ate everything steamed or boiled, with only fresh unfrozen fish as protein. the only clean carbs i ate was rice 100 to 120 grams carbs a day for a 130lbs frame. I feel that i am 70% recovered.

If you are suffering from dp, I believe we can do good with the support of a proper diet that gives us much energy. We dont need extra problems from a sick body if our minds are already problematic. Have faith that with a healthy body you can have a healthy mind.

Goodluck to you all. I hope i would be able to help you in anyway.
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