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There's another method for recovery - Take cold showers twice a day for 15-30 mins in the morning and 15-30 mins in evening and after each shower go for runs and excercise that will get your bood circulating do this everyday for one month-two months; but you'll notice a huge difference in your health in the first 2-3 days you'll be fine; make it habit and soon enough you'll be out of it; because coldwater forces you to wake up; i know several people who've done this and recovered

Below are the benifits for people who took cold showers:

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I have done this before and felt some benefit. But it is very uncomfortable. I took one just now, just cold, no hot at any point. I do feel better for it. And there are LOADS of health benefits. There is a great Ted talk on this as well. I believe that the human body is designed to feel a lot of discomfort every day. We just don't get that any more
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