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Recovered ones/ recovering ones Emotional outbursts

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Hi guys

I have been starting to recovery recently, its been pretty much a year and a half feeling dp/dr (mostly dr) constantly 24/7 i will probably make recovery story/video once i hopefully fully recover,anyway since ive been recovering i have been really big emotional outbursts like sometimes so depressed then suddenly im so happy like sometimes i cant talk during these outbursts, its weird everything has come as a shock obviously because i havent felt in feeling of reality in a while but i wasn't expecting these emotions, has anyone else had this?

P.S ive pretty much been Numb of feelings since the beginning until like 2-3 months ago where my feelings have slowly been coming back but off and on until now.
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how did u get ur feelings back? or just within time they just came back, or do u like run every day, what r u doing to get better
I actually have a nutritionist that comes to visit my family every now and then to drop off natural supplements we buy off home, can be pretty expensive stuff, anyway i i told him whats up with me and he suggested me to the this old guy who is retired by still works from home to help people, he basically is a naturopath and does natural chinese medicine, anyway he has this machine that not alot of people use anymore, its called a "Vegatest 2" machine and it basically detects whats going wrong in my body and what im deficient in, anyway it did come up with alot of stuff and based of what he did on me he made my medicine and ive been taking it and its slowly been working i guess im 100% but i notice a feeling and its hard to explain, he also told me to get Folic acid, vitamin b12 and C from a chemist.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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