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Recovered fully for a few months now... only one problem left

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I've been recovered for a few months now and there is only one thing left that bugs me. I can't stop thinking that I'm going to relapse. Most often when people get over their DP/DR they forget about it but I seem to not be able to, I can't get it out of my head even though I don't feel that way anymore, other than sometimes for a few minutes after I drink coffee (which I don't do anymore because I don't want to get these feelings or relapse into permanent DR again). Does anyone know how I can just stop overthinking it? If anyone wants to know how I recovered, I'm pretty sure I posted it before on here if you just want to search it up.
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Honestly, I doubt that you forget that it just forget how it felt. With that said, you need to accept everything as it is. Accept the thoughts, dont argue with them, thoughts dont make u relapse, drink your coffee, BUT stop worrying. Dont ever force yourself out of it or to stop thinking! Worrying will prolong the process. I'd suggest mindfulness Meditation. Check the App "Headspace".
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