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Recovered after 5 years and a half

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So i have suffered chronic dp for 5 years and a half; i thought my life was over but i found a solution that helped me a recover with in a period of 5 days; and now it feels like dp never existed int he first place.

I found out that dp/dr is mostly related to tensions in the back of the head upto your forehead down your eyes, ears, and nasal passageway; so once you tackle the issue that causes these tensions in the first place you'll be fine and recover in no time, good news is these tensions seem to be mostly a connected issue rather than a seperate issue; so once you find the main issue all the other lingering issues will get fixed too :D

So i did this 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days in a row

I took bottled water boiled it and fused it with garlic; yes garlic; and mixed it with a teaspoon of non-idioized salt, then used it for a sinus rinse on the left side of my nostrils; because my blockages mostly came from my left nostril; so i focused more on it; reason it helped is garlic are known to kill bacteria that causes blockages in your nasal passageway; so this is why its effective; anyways 3-4 of doing it ihave recovered completly

this is a link that will explain the process of doing it

BTW do not use tap water!! use bottled water instead because they are healthier and cleaner!

so these are the steps:

1. Grind 3-5 cloves of garlic
2. Leave it in the open for 15 minutes to activate its ingredients
3. place bits of it in a glass that can stand boiled water
4. boil distilled bottle of water(Avoid tap water by all means)
5. Place the boiled water on top of the placed garlic
6. Leave it for five minutes or so; so the garlic gets fused with the water as much as possible
7. then place it in another glass using a stainer so you only take purified water/garlic
8. Add teaspoon of non-iodized salt to the fusion. I think Kosher salt is non-iodized.
9. Place it in the sinus rise/neti pot
10. place it in one side of your nostril and see what difference it makes; if it doesnt make any different use it in your other nostril; in my case using it on the left nostril did the magic for me.

after the sinus rinse make sure you drink purified water/garlic fusion; then eat one piece of cardamom to kill the garlic smell; cardamom itself is also known to be very healthy and known to counteract digestive problems. Use it to combat nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation, and much more.

Edit: Also on addition to this i used cayenne steams, garlic steams, cardamom steams; drank cayenne water, garlic water, cardamom water, and also ate cayenne, ate cardamom; these additional things also helped in opening up my blocked passages

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So could you not breath through your nose? I have tension in my head and top of the neck... but I can breath freely through my nose. Although I am also starting to think my dp may have a physical cause. In my case I'm guna get a lyme disease test
Because people want to simplify things to 2 factors to plot a graph. Look at global warming, people are obsessed with CO2. Water is a greenhouse gas, the most powerful (I believe). Are all the trees we chop down irrelevant as well? It's a big complex picture.

Depression and mental illness are the same. Inflammation and gut bacteria have been linked to depression. For me I think inflammation and the immune system could be involved with this. It makes sense that an infection caused a caveman pain each day, then the 'depression genes' switch on when it hasnt healed in a few days. He withdraws, rests and inflammation set in to help the immune system overcome it. The difference might be we switched those genes on through emotional pain, as the brain can't tell the difference between physical or emotional pain. For me CBD oil seems to have calmed down inflammation in my body, which has actually opened up my ears (can't tell sinuses). My ears used to crack and pop when I swallowed which has got better.. Guna give it a few months to see if it progresses
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