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I'm blogging about my recovery in hopes that it will help at least someone that doesn't know where to start, or inspires others to keep going. I've been where you are, and it would have been absolutely awesome to have had someone share their everyday steps to recovery.

I'm not perfect, my growth isn't measured in a straight line but more of a ziggy-zaggy pattern of progression. I decided when I started recovery, that any moment that I felt good would be a sign of going in the right direction. Whether that meant feeling good for 3 seconds or 3 days, I knew it was better than feeling terrible all the time. This was my first step, and it was hard, but it was essential.

You can't get down on yourself because you were doing good and then went backwards. That's all part of the experience. Once I trained my brain to remember that, it got so much easier to see the ultimate goal: complete recovery. Keep that in your mind every day and see the difference.

Please feel free to ask me questions, I would love to help anyone.
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