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Okay, honestly about an hour ago I was horrible but now I am just feeling so strange, Is this DP? And have I found my underlying cause?
Feeling like this world is not real
Feeling like I am not real
I don't feel like I am typing this
I swear I could be dead right now
My body seems like it goes on without me
I am aware that I am not in my body

Also I just had a realization that I really lived all winter, but I also became aware that it was not me living it...?
I constantly question every. single. thing.
I swear I am going crazy and I will be locked up
I will never get out of this state
I feel like I am not the one talking
I feel scared when I think about these last few months- like something was controlling me, and now in the state i am in, I am aware that it was not me
I don't know what to do
I am scared
I feel like the reason I am in this is because I don't want to be the person I was before this; but I don't want to be the person I am now
I could go on and on... but honestly what can I do... Also, I seriously cannot let go of the past... i just don't know how to accept or let go.
This just does not feel like my life; I swear I am in a dream or other reality or something.....
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I could go on... but my laptop is dying... I am so tired of this.
Also everytime the DP starts to go away... I instantly freak out because I start to realize things that I can't seem to accept.
I am so sick of this.

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May 18 2014 08:22 AM

Been there, it does get better my friend, it did for me.

I had most of those symptoms and I thought I was goosed, ready for the mental home, but gradually it goes away.

You know it makes no sense, so give it not much thought, it works, distraction and keeping busy is my advice.

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May 18 2014 10:15 AM

Ya, Any tips about this- I got up and felt "normal" but then I started questioning EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING and then I got up to use the bathroom and felt like the floor wasn't under me and just wanted to run back to my room and sleep but I came down here, and know I just feel so off... Does exercise help this? Also what can you do when you feel like your there but your not, or have you ever looked in the mirror and been like "Ok, it's fine" and then look at your eye or something and freak out completely.... I mean like you don't feel like your seeing a human although you clearly are... also my whole body does not feel like mine at all. It's like I am sort of floating, or something... Idk anymore this is so weird...
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