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Reasons why DP and DR are not well known

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Some guy who has DP and DR and sent me a petition to sign for awareness of this disorder on facebook. The main reason why it's not as well known as it should be is because there is one dissociative disorder that is given all the spotlight and that's DID, which was really a personality disorder before. I think it should have stayed that way. Maybe in the future it will switch to another kind of disorder and not be part of dissociative disorder anymore. The Numb movie didn't help since it was garbage. It's the worst mental disorder movie I ever seen and shouldn't exist.
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Yes, DPRD is not outwardly dramatic but is profound for sufferers. The invisibility of this disability can be frustrating. People often said that they would not know I have a problem. Yet, I am trying to communicate across altered consciousness. I rarely meet anyone who knows about DPRD. In the worst episode of my DPRD, an NHS practitioner could not even get its name right, saying I had DID (I never have). Saying 'dissociation' seems to confuse some people even though DPRD is definitely a dissociative state. DID does seem to get more attention.
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