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I've dealt with severe panic attacks for most of my life, and I have some advice for you.

#1. Always know that you aren't going crazy. This is a classic by-product of severe stress, and fear-based disorders are unrelated to any disorders that can be considered psychoses. You'll be okay; the anxiety is just tricking your brain.

#2. Panic attacks are very often accompanied by experiences of derealization or surreality. If you experience this, don't worry. It will come back. But let it be motivation to try and work through your anxiety issues (see below for advice).

#3. Fear is a vicious cycle: it feeds on itself and can grow quickly like a cancer. When you have moments that you feel anxious, don't add to the cycle by promoting frightening thoughts (I realize we only have a limited control of our minds, but you can minimize the extent to which you do this).

There are many effective practices to help cope with anxiety: BY FAR, the most effective combination is to avoid stress and begin daily deep relaxation/meditation practices. Your brain has been trained to respond a certain way--with anxiety and panic. Now you have to try your best to change that (again, through relaxation exercises--guided and progressive relaxation [look them up; some great Youtube videos out there]). These practices will help re-wire your brain so it isn't so primed to react to events and situations with fear. So much tension is held onto by our bodies, and our brains pick up on this which can cause further panic attacks. Be sure to de-stress as much as possible. TV and internet don't count. You need to lie down, eyes closed, and just try and let everything go.

Other valuable practices: Exercise, stretch, sleep well, do deep breathing exercises. Simple, almost trivial things like those are the best remedies. Your body can only heal itself. Talk to a doctor and get an SSRI or anxiolytic that will cut down on the stress your brain can produce. This isn't a long-term answer (the above practices are), but they can be indispensible in times of great anxiety. Best of luck, and message me if you have any other questions or need help. I've been through hell in my life, and I hate to think of someone going through what I have alone. I've learned so much, but damn it's been rough. We're here for you and can benefit from our knowledge.
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