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I had so bad pannic atack today. I went to the shop with my mom to get out of the house, because I´ve noticed it started to be a problem (to leave a house). We parked a car and then go to the shop. As I was walking I started to be very aware of myself. I looked at my body and legs as they were making step by step and I felt weird. Then I looked around, on the sky, people, buildings and it all felt weird and kind of unreal. I was trying to stay calm, but as we entered the shop it got worse in few seconds, and the thought came to my mind that " I will forget how to think" and suddenly I felt like if my head was empty and like I really forgot how to think. I totally freaked out. My head was spinning and started to feel numb (like when you are going to fain in second - I thought I was going to), I felt I am not breathing, like air is not going to my lungs, even if I breathe. I told my mom and she tried to calm me down, but she didn´t know how and neither did I. I also got scared I will forget how to speak and had to make some noise to see I can. I was so damn scared, I felt like my mind is going to slip away, or I am going to get some state I could not come back to "reality" again, because it would somehow damage my brain/mind or something. It is hard to describe how horrible that feelings actually was.

I don´t know how to deal with this, how to stop that or calm down and it is just getting worse. I feel desperate.
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