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Really really freaked out=((((((

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I came to work this morning and my friend was speaking to me and (I should add that she looks like me) and I felt as if it was me speaking.. like I projected myself onto her or something. I'm losing my mind and I just want to leave work and run away somewhere=(

Am I starting to hallucinate? I mean, why do I think that I see (not really visually see) myself in other people... like we're all blending in. I'm afraid to look at anyone since everyone seems to appear so strange to me.

It's creepy. Please help.
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Hi Tidal,

In hopes of jumping in before you freak out...

I am thinking maybe this has become as obsessive thought pattern for you and now you are actually "looking" and "seeing" yourself in people. It is amazing how we will set our own thought patterns up and then let our brain take it to the highest limits.

Easy for me to say, but please try and redirect your thoughts this morning. Don't look at people and see if you can "see" yourself in them.

I hope some reassurance will help you during this totally unreal thought process.

Most sincerely,
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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