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I have had Derelazation for almost a year now.
Sometimes my days goes by without panicking about it. And the worst day is when my brain begins to talk bullshit to me.
"I will never recover from this!"
" This is the state i am going to live for the rest of you're life"
"I'm not real"
" I will never feel how it is to be normal again"

And this makes me so afraid, I dont want to live with this for my whole life. It make me so sad and depressed. I know that one day I will recover, but it does not feel like it.

The proof that I have that it will go away, is that it has get better with time. But I still have derelazation every day 24/7.

And when it get worse, all I ever do is Google answers. I am happy that I have found this forum.
And I wonder if you have any tips how to ride out this hell.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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